Synopsis of Korean Drama Mokkoji Kitchen

Synopsis of Korean Drama Mokkoji Kitchen. K-drama fans must have a watch list in a week of broadcast almost filled with 3 or 4 schedules to watch their favorite drama.

However, sometimes it makes you bored while waiting for the next episode when the schedule is empty but your favorite drama is still long, and can’t wait for it.

Can I find and watch old-school dramas?

Of course, you can. To fill the void of your day, let’s watch Korean dramas that have aired in September.

One of them is a drama called Mokkoji Kitchen. How and who are the actors?

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The Korean drama Mokkoji Kitchen has a total of 9 episodes only. With this number, K-drama fans can watch it faster and won’t be upset about waiting long as well as waiting for ongoing drama shows, because the ending is often curious.

So watching the drama that was released on September 6 will at least make K-drama fans feel calmer faster.

Mokkoji Kitchen is a romance genre that focuses its story on all things cooking or food. Curious who are the actors who star in the drama?

Mokkoji Kitchen

They are Gongchan who plays Moo-Young, Nam Kyu Here as Ro In, Choi So Yoon as Min Ha Ram, and others.

While the story of this drama tells of a chef, Moo-Young, who is running his restaurant business with a Korean fusion flavor, the one he employs is a student, named Ro In, who has criteria for restaurants that have true delicacy.

The story of the Mokkoji kitchen itself is illustrated like a sweet and salty food recipe. Unique isn’t it? Following the tastes of Indonesian K-drama fans.

Moo Young and Ro In, both experience and live life with colorful stories until there is a special relationship between the two. Then depend on each other, love, and share food which finally fills the emptiness in their hearts that they have been feeling.

5 Facts about Mokkoji Kitchen

1. Culinary themed

The drama Mokkoji Kitchen presents the story of a bright young man who runs a restaurant. One day, he has a new neighbor who is a student.

The student is so fond of culinary that she has a hobby of trying various popular and delicious foods around her. His meeting with a chef next to his residence made the student comfortable so that a romance story began to occur.

2. B1A4’s Gongchan plays a chef named Moo-Young

For KPopers who have followed K-Pop idols from the second generation, they know the figure of this one idol star. He is Gongchan, the maknae of the boy group B1A4 who is currently active in the acting world.

Now, the idol who was born on August 14, 1993, is starring in the drama Mokkoji Kitchen as chef Moo Young. It is described if the character is a hard-working chef who will be very serious when he acts in the kitchen. However, he is a rigid man and has no interest in being in a relationship.

3. Nam Kyu Hee as Roin, a student who loves culinary arts

Nam Kyu Hee is a rookie actress from YG Stage who just made her debut in 2020. Even though he is still a newcomer, his acting talent has already stolen the attention in the web drama Love Revolution and Check Out the Event.

In the web drama Mokkoji Kitchen, Nam Kyu Hee plays a student. He likes to try various foods and has a cheerful personality.

4. Drama project to introduce South Korean food culture

Behind the story about various types of food that are always shown in each scene, it is a way to introduce South Korean food culture to international fans.

As reported by Soompi, this web drama is part of the Hallyu Living Culture Hanmadang Mokkoji Korea Project 2021 organized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism and the Korea International Cultural Exchange Agency.

5. Can be watched via YouTube

Curious about the drama? You can watch the drama, starring Gongchan B1A4 and Nam Kyu Hee, directly on the MOKKOJI KOREA YouTube channel, you know. You can watch it every Monday with a duration of about 8 to 10 minutes per episode.

You can watch a short drama in your spare time. You can also learn and get information about Korean culture, especially in the culinary field.

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