Webtoons Will Soon Be Adapted To Drama And Movie Versions!

The Following Webtoons Will Soon Be Adapted To Drama And Movie Versions!

If you are a fan of webtoons and other Korean comics (manhwa), you must be familiar with stories that have been successfully turned into films or dramas.

Like successful Korean dramas adapted from Webtoons, such as Taxi Driver, My ID is Gangnam Beauty, Sweet Home, to True Beauty.

The storytelling is more lively and the imagination is depicted through movie or drama scenes, which are the main reasons for the drama adaptation of the Webtoon fans are waiting for.

there are a series of stories from Webtoon that are ready to be turned into a drama series, or even a movie!

1. My Oppa is an Idol

This webtoon, which has been out for a long time and is loved by many readers, tells the story of a girl who turns out to be in the same office as her idol, Chan Lee.

Chan Lee is a member of a famous boy group, who is handsome and loved by many fans.

For K-Pop idol fans, you can relate to the original story from My Oppa is an Idol!

My Oppa is an Idol that is planned to be broadcast on the iQIYI platform.

2. Jobless Bastard

Who likes this Webtoon?

Jobless Bastard (alternative title) will also be adapted into a live-action version.

The drama Jobless Bastard will tell the story of life through various foods.

You can imagine how tempting foods that are usually just in the form of animated images, are now made real through drama.

Get ready to drool watching this!

Jobless Bastard is planned to be broadcast in digital format, without broadcasting TV channels.

3. Brave Citizen

Webtoon Adapted Drama

Still in production from Studio N, now one of the school-themed Webtoons of Brave Citizen which will be used as a drama version.

Brave Citizen follows the story of a new female teacher at a school.

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His life is so interesting and full of challenges, which is fun to watch.

There is still no official statement on who the actors and actresses will play in the drama Brave Citizen.

What is clear will be worked on by director Park Jinpyo and the shooting process is scheduled to start in November this year, as reported by News1.

4. Top, Middle, Lower

This webtoon, which tells about the triplet shop, will be adapted into a film version.

Top, Middle, Lower Studio N production, will be worked on by Jang Chul-soo.

Jang Culsoo is a director who also produced the film Secretly Greatly.

Can’t wait for the Top, Middle, Lower film version!

5. Dakgangjeong (Fried Chicken)

This hilarious webtoon will also have a live-action version!

Appointed as a 12-episode drama series, Dakgangjeong tells the story of a girl named Minah who turns into fried chicken.

Yup! becomes a fried chicken dish after he accidentally gets into his father’s mysterious machine.

Minah’s father and an intern there are confused, looking for ways to save Minah from this strange situation.

Dakgangjeong will be directed by Lee Byung-hun, as well as the scriptwriter.

Aired this year Webtoons Adapted Drama:

1. Yumi’s Cells

Adapted from the same webtoon title, tells the story of an office worker named Yumi (Kim Go-Eun).

Yumi uses her brain cells to control her every thought, feeling, and action.

But one day, due to a broken heart, his brain cells that control Yumi’s love feelings are damaged.

So that other brain cells have to work hard to restore the love cells.

Packaged in a romantic comedy-drama, the drama version of Yumi’s Cells will air in September this year on TVING as well as iQIYI.

Meanwhile, the 3D animated version of Yumi’s Cells is planned to be released next year.

2. True Beauty

After the success of the drama adaptation, Studio N is now preparing True Beauty for release in a 3D animated version.

Launching from Newsis, True Beauty is still with the same original story, telling the love triangle between Lim Joo Kyung, Lee Su Ho, and Han Seo Joon.

Seeing the Webtoon characters that have interesting animations, it will be suitable if the 3D version is released! – Webtoons Adapted Drama

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