Latest Information on Korean Drama Marriage & Desires 2022

Latest Information on Korean Drama Marriage & Desires 2022. Drama Korea Remarriage & Desires is the latest Netflix series to be released. The story in Korean dramas is related to the stigma of Korean society about arranged marriages.

Netflix is ​​getting more and more active in presenting interesting shows from various countries. Not only Western films, but Korean drama lovers can also enjoy interesting stories.

The story writer in this drama is Lee Geun collaborating with Kim Jung Min as Producer. The story of this drama is so interesting that it’s a shame to miss it.


This story will be about an exclusive matchmaking agency. The matchmaking agency, Rex, specializes in providing services for the upper class.

South Korean society stigmatizes marriage as automatically increasing status. Even the customers of Rex wanted to marry someone of high status.

Meanwhile, the population of people with high status in South Korea only amounts to about 0.001%. They are referred to as the Black level, the highest grade.

The ambition of a marriage that involves this property will make the marriage full of fakes. Besides that, a relationship that should be full of purity and love is just a cover.

The story in this drama contains many scenes that are common in everyday life. In some scenes, you will feel the ambition and desire that come from love and commitment.

Many question the desire to get married today. Is it true that it only comes from the ambition of a mere worldly life or is there still a real feeling of love left?

This kind of thinking is growing in South Korean society these days. The production team that has started working on this drama also chose the right players.

They try to bring out the character with the right demeanor. So following the story and purpose of this drama was created.

Cast Marriage & Desires

Some of the actors and actresses that we will discuss have been confirmed to play a role in this drama. It is a world star role that is no stranger to Korean drama fans.

Lee Hyun Wook as Lee Hyung Ju

A senior actor with undeniable charisma will play an important role in this title. Even his demeanor would suit him as a man with an independent and charismatic personality.

His career was quite brilliant, at the end of which he was mature, he managed to become the Leader of a Venture Capital Company. Including one person in the Black level that has billions of assets.

Existence is in the spotlight and the dream of all people. Even once married and failed, he has the desire to fix it.

Jung Eugene as Jin Yoo Hui

The Korean drama Remarriage & Desires has this beautiful actress as its female character. Jung Eugene plays the role of Jin Yoo Hui who is a high-class lawyer.

The hard work and astonishing ambition of this woman kept her going. In addition, he managed to climb the ladder to the upper echelons of society’s appraisal.

Kim Hee Seon as Hye Seung

This beautiful senior artist will play a housewife. Coming from the middle class living in the Gangnam area.

His life is ruined in one night due to his romance. Meet the figure of Jin Yoo Hui who helps him to improve his life and get a Black circle.

Cha Ji Yeon as Choi Yoo Sun.

Drama Korea Remarriage & Desires has a new actor with CEO Rex. So one of the young men with a brilliant reputation and became a bone of contention for the people of South Korea.

Park Hoon as Cha Seok Jin

This time he will play a man who is Hye Seung’s, first love. The story is sad and was involved in problems with his father’s wealth.

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