The Silent Sea: Gong Yoo Goes On A Mission To Travel To The Moon For The Earth

The Silent Sea: Gong Yoo Goes On A Mission To Travel To The Moon For The Earth. The Silent Sea, starring Gong Yoo, Bae Doona, and Lee Joon. The series is included in the list of new content slated to air this year.

The Silent Sea is directed by Choi Hang Yang. The series is written by screenwriter Park Eun Kyo who helped adapt Choi Han Yang’s 2014 short film The Sea of ​​Tranquility into a television series.

Storyline The Silent Sea

The Silent Sea is a sci-fi horror thriller series set in the future, where a drought has left the earth short of food and water. Eventually, a special team is assigned to retrieve a mysterious sample from an abandoned research station on the moon.

The Silent Sea

Interesting Facts about The Silent Sea

1. It is a remake of a short film

The Korean drama The Silent Sea is not a new or original script, but a remake of a Korean short film entitled The Sea of ​​Tranquility (2017). The short film was directed by Choi Hang Yong who is also the director of The Silent Sea.

So the story can be considered as a development of an existing short film. For the script itself, The Silent Sea was made by Park Eunkyo, who had previously written scripts for films such as Mother (2009). The Naked Kitchen (2008) and Crush and Blush (2008).

2. Bringing up the story of a damaged Earth in the future

The Silent Sea takes the background story in the future, where the earth has suffered a lot of damage. Many areas have turned into deserts, and even food and water have become scarce.

At that time, there was a special team who got an important task to secure a research result. The results of this study are very secret and mysterious and come from a research site on the moon that has been abandoned. That’s where all the conflict and the story begin.

3. A new space sci-fi thriller drama in Korea

The theme raised by The Silent Sea is quite new for Korean dramas. Where the background is the future and outer space. The sci-fi thriller genre is also quite rarely worked on by Korean dramas in general.

Indeed, lately, Netflix has produced a lot of Korean dramas with themes that are quite rarely raised by Korean dramas. For example, the drama Sweet Home and The School Nurse File. Even yesterday, Netflix just produced a space-themed Korean film, Space Sweepers.

4. Played by three actors whose acting quality is unquestionable
In the special team assigned to guard the results of the mysterious research, there are three main characters played by three Korean actors and actresses whose acting quality is unquestionable.

First, of course, is Gong Yoo who plays Han Yun Jae. He is the leader or leader of the special team. As a team leader, Youn Jae always puts the safety of team members above anything else, including his safety.

Next is Bae Doona as Song Jian. Then the last one is Lee Joon who plays the character of Captain Ryu Tae Seok. He is the chief engineer and top official at the Ministry of National Defense. He deliberately joined the team as a volunteer to escape his uncomfortable work environment.

5. Also produced by a top actor

Not only the cast is filled with top actors and actresses. The Korean drama Silent Sea Tea also turned out to be produced by Jong Woo Song, a senior and top actor in South Korea.

This can be compared to Jong-Woo Song’s debut as a major film producer, having previously only made short films. Woo Song is also just purely a producer without appearing on the screen at all.

However, Woo Song confessed that he didn’t act intimidating or intimidating when he was on set, so things went smoothly.

6. Very sophisticated and real-looking location and property settings

According to the producer Jong-Woo Song, for this drama, they tried to make a location setting that fits the story. Starting from sophisticated space facilities to technology to create scenes in a vacuum and zero gravity.

“It’s something that has never existed in the Korean film industry, so it feels proud but at the same time doubtful,” said Woo Song.

According to him, all aspects of this film are considered in great detail. Starting from the lighting, the reflection on the helmets of the players, to the humidity on the set was noticed.

The actress Bae Doona also said that all the sets, interiors, and props made for the space and moon facilities are very convincing. So the audience will be given a different experience and made curiously.

7. The story behind the astronaut suit

During the shooting of the drama The Silent Sea, all players are required to wear astronaut costumes or clothes, including helmets for a long period.

Bae Doona, for example, admitted that she had a panic attack because she had to wear the costume for a long time. “I had difficulty breathing and it was difficult to go to the restroom as well,” he explained.

Fortunately, over time Doona and the other players got used to the costume. Even Doona admits that she likes wearing the astronaut’s clothes.

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