Goedam: Horror Legend in South Korea [Spoiler Alert!]

Goedam: Horror Legend in South Korea [Spoiler Alert!]. If you are a fan of horror films or series, then Goedam, the latest series from Netflix, is not to be missed. Goedam is a Netflix original series with the horror genre and based on urban legends in South Korea. What’s the story like? Take a peek at the following synopsis of the Netflix Goedam series!

The Goedam series is an exciting show for you lovers of horror series that won’t take up much of your time. Consists of 8 episodes, each only 5-10 minutes long. In less than an hour, you can quickly finish this series and understand the various urban legends in the ginseng country.

In Korean, Goedam means horror legend story and describes the series perfectly. Eight gripping horror stories are presented separately. Each episode has no attachments so the story is easy to digest and follow. Even so, if you watch it carefully you will find a common thread between all the events.

Storyline Goedam

The stories range from the legend of a taxi driver looking for passengers at night, a special guest in a new house, to a legend of red shoes at school. Guaranteed even though it’s short, the story can make you scared and satisfied.


The Goedam series is directed by Hong Won Ki and stars several young Korean artists, such as SeolA Cosmic Girls, Lee Hyun Joo, Song Chae Yoon, Han Ga Rim, and Shim So Young. Goedam has been airing on Netflix since August 20, 2020. It’s not too late to watch and follow the excitement of this Netflix series.


Goedam, Are there any urban legends?

1. School Ghost

Ghosts in schools seem to have become urban legends that are common in various parts of the world, including in Indonesia. You see, a school that is busy during the day will be deserted and uninhabited at night. This sudden transition makes the school have its horror aura.

Well, in the Goedam series, the school ghost that appears is not a toilet ghost-like Hanako or the Red Tissue Blue Tissue ghost-like in the Gakkou no Kaidan anime. An exemplary student who recently died drags another model student to be his “friend”. The horror again, here, he played hide and seek in the toilet with this victim.

If you’re quite paranoid about school toilets, you might as well skip this episode. However, if you hear voices even though the toilet is empty, it’s better to just run away, no need to peek at the source of the sound.

2. Mysterious Passenger

In the second episode, you will meet a taxi driver who works late until the early hours of the morning. This is also a story that may be familiar, well. Taxi drivers who still “pull” after midnight often meet passengers who are “weird” aka not people. Well, it’s the same in Goedam.

Initially, it was thought that this taxi driver could be a regular passenger who wanted to go to the hotel. Surprisingly, even though he was directed using GPS, the passenger still insisted on turning right where there was no way. Turns out, uh, turns out, the passenger doesn’t have eyes! Wow, just imagine if you want to be mentally prepared, OK!

3. Special Guest

This one is a bit absurd. KINCIR itself does not know which part of the urban legend. However, KINCIR suspects this is a curse from a house moving service called The Guestless Days. You see, he has a special “guest” because he doesn’t use the “guestless” service. I don’t know, but the urban legends in this episode might tend to be contemporary, yes.

Do you remember the horror stories circulating on the internet about people who are video calling or taking selfies using cute animal filters, then there are a lot of filters like there are lots of people taking photos? Well, this horror sensation is also shown in episode 3 of Goedam. However, not only that, there is a “surprise” at the end. So, get ready!

4. Cowardly but Curious

Do you have friends like this or not? He’s a coward, but his hobby is watching horror videos on YouTube! If in the Goedam series, friends like this are done by their friends. Because he was a coward, he ended up getting pranked.

However, he didn’t expect his prank to be too real. That’s why, when he met a girl who walked like a terrible creature from Silent Hill, instead of running away immediately, he was stunned first.

Well, urban legend, don’t play with the dirty porcelain dolls you pick up without knowing the history. You see, dolls are the most effective medium for ghosts because dolls have a form but don’t have a soul. It could be that the one inside the doll is an evil spirit ready to curse you!

5. The Legs Don’t Fit!

Accident victims whose bodies are destroyed usually look for parts of their bodies to people who are still alive. Whether it’s just asking or causing serious harm, accident victims whose bodies are not intact are like normal ghosts wandering around.

Well, in the Goedam series, this wandering ghost is a schoolboy who committed suicide. In addition to the high suicide rate among South Korean teenagers, the urban legend in this episode shows that a wandering ghost looking for his feet can be dangerous! Don’t let him come over to ask you to change his leg, okay? Hihi!

6. Journey to Another Dimension

In this episode, KINCIR isn’t sure if it’s an urban legend or not, because traveling to another dimension tends to be more science fiction than horror, right? However, the Goedam series mixes it up with rumors circulating on the internet about the challenge to go to another world.

You know yourself, right, challenges on the internet, no matter how absurd it is, there are still those who try. However, what if the challenge is real and people get hurt because of it?

Not to mention, if you are used to taking elevators, you must have heard about certain floors that are not allowed, right, like the 4th and 13th floors. Episode 6 also features this urban legend, here. Travel to another dimension via elevator? Why not!

7. Amulet Reject Bala

The name of the talisman, whether in the village or the city, in developing countries or developed countries, there must be people who believe and use it. In episode 7 of the Goedam series, a wife believes her amulet protects their child from the kidnappings that have happened a lot in recent days. However, her husband doesn’t seem to believe in the amulet. Well, his name also lives in the modern era.

Even so, his wife still reminded her husband not to let go of the amulet. If the amulet is removed, yes, get ready to face horrors that you can’t imagine before!

8. Yeommae’s Curse

Apparently, in South Korea there are shamans too, you know! Well, even though it looks very different from the local shamans here, yes, their shamans are still worshipers of black magic. They worship spirits and carry out rituals to get which later becomes their selling point to lost people who come.

Those who come to the shaman are the same. Some ask for marriage advice, some ask for their children. However, the Goedam series has another way to make the story about this shaman scary. Sort of, if you’re already involved with black magic, get ready to be swallowed up by darkness!

For a horror series, Goedam is smart enough to pick up urban legends and relate them to the daily lives of South Korean people. So, the horror feels close. Unfortunately, in some parts, Goedam relies too much on CG effects.

As a result, the elements of horror that should be awakened through camera movement, expressions, and even the tension sequences that make you jump are not found at all, except in episode 1. The camera switching is quite monotonous so you can guess which side the “demon” is on.

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