K-Drama Review: ‘Times’

K-Drama Review: ‘Times’. Korean drama lovers must be familiar with OCN, a cable television station known as a storehouse of thriller, mystery, science fiction, horror, and crime genre dramas. On February 20, 2021, OCN again presented a thriller genre drama that was no less exciting than previous dramas. The drama is titled “Times” starring Lee Seo-jin, Lee Joo-young, Kim Yeong-Cheol, and Moon Jeong-hee.


• Title : / Taimjeu (Times)
• Genre: Drama, Crime, fantasy
• Episodes: 12
• TV stations: OCN, Viu, Iqiyi
• Showtime: February 20, 2021 – March 28, 2021
• Production House: Studio Dragon, Story Hunter Production
• Director: Yoon Jong Ho
• Writers: Lee Sae Bom, Ahn Hye Jin

Synopsis Times

In 2015, Lee Jin-Woo (Lee Seo-Jin) works as a reporter, who only reveals the truth. In 2020, Seo Jung-In (Lee Joo-Young) works as a journalist who loves his job very much. One time the two were connected through a phone call. They try to prevent the death of South Korean president Seo Ki-tae (Kim Young-Chul), without them knowing they have to face a painful and dangerous reality.



Times tells a mysterious story about life in two different times, 2015 and 2020. Seo Jung In (Lee Joo Young) is a reporter for the news company Daily Search and the son of South Korean President Seo Ki Tae (Kim Young Chul). During the 2015 presidential election, President Seo Ki Tae died as a result of a direct shooting aimed at him during an open campaign at a Korean University. This incident made Seo Jung In slump to the point of disturbing his mental health. In 2019, Seo Jung In’s mental condition began to deteriorate to the point of hallucinating working at the DBS news company and assuming his father was still alive. With the help of Kim Young Joo (Moon Jeong Hee), Seo Jung In is taken to a psychiatrist for healing therapy.

Two years later, Seo Jung In, who has accepted his father’s death, begins to live a normal life. Until one night, he received a call from Lee Jin-Woo (Lee Seo Jin), a reporter who lived in 2015. The reporter was originally planning to interview Seo Jung In in 2015. Like most time travel dramas, the two did not trust each other at first. . However, due to the events between 2015 and 2020 that are intertwined with each other, the two begin to work together to change unwanted fates such as the deaths of President Seo Ki Tae, and reporter Lee Jin Woo.

Review Times

How would it feel if in an instant your life suddenly changed 180°? Accepting the fact that your father died 5 years ago, even though yesterday you were still with him, isn’t this complicated enough to understand? That’s what happened to Seo Jung In, he had to accept this sudden reality, until he realized that he was connected to someone in the past, so he tried to fix the situation and save his father.

Maybe some Duck K-powers have realized that the fantasy genre like the Times drama has become one of Kwak’s favorite genres. Signal and its predecessor Kairos have succeeded in capturing Kwak’s heart so that Kwak’s expectations for this drama are quite high, although not as big as Kairos because the viewing distance of Times and Kairos is not too far away, so Kwak is afraid that Times will only become a mediocre drama. Fortunately, this drama for Kwak is quite interesting and entertaining.

The focus of this drama is more on the political side than the action or crime. At first, Kwak thought this drama would be dominant with fierce action scenes but as the episodes progressed, this drama deepened their politics. Similar to similar genre dramas, Times will consistently make us curious about the background and ending of this drama, thus making us consistently curious and guessing in every episode.

Kwak can’t describe Kwak’s complaints about this drama for fear of spoilers. Kwak has gone through, there is also less of that, and the ending is a bit floating for Kwak.

Overall Kwak likes this drama. Kwak quite enjoys the action scenes in this drama even though it’s only a few and the average chase. Kwak also likes the early to middle episodes, when it’s still fun to save the president. Kwak also enjoyed the acting of Lee Seo Jin and Lee Joo Young, for Kwak the character they played suited them. And yes, Kwak is happy because there are no forced romance scenes, even though the main characters of this drama are male and female.

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