Korean Drama Review: Luca The Beginning

Korean Drama Review: Luca The Beginning. LUCA: How many episodes of The Beginning? There will be 12 episodes of airing, which makes us heart spot. Because each scene will offer suspense. The premise is about Ji Oh (Z-0), who is the subject of an experiment by a group of scientists. He has a super strong body, he can even become a monster, and is the target of everyone.

Synopsis Luca

Little Ji Oh became the object of research by a group of scientists. He was taken away by one of the researchers and lived to be hunted until he was an adult. Ji Oh doesn’t know who he is, because every time he is about to be caught he uses his mysterious power that can detonate something nearby. And the memory will fade.

When Ji Oh is brought home one day to Goo-reum’s house, Ji Oh uses her powers to get caught eating in the middle of the night. His blue eyes light up, and an instant chime of electricity sends Goo-reum bouncing. Adult Goo-reum remembers the incident, and that’s why she became a detective. To find out why his parents disappeared.

One day they met. Goo-reum is excited again to uncover her parents’ deaths.


Title : LUCA: The Beginning
Genre: Crime, mystery fiction, suspense
Distributor: tvN
Country: South Korea
Korean language
Episodes: 12 episodes
Screenwriter: Cheon Seon-iL
Director: Kim Hong-seon
Release: February 1, 2021

 luca the beginig

Cast Luca

-Kim Rae-won as Ji Oh or Z-0. The male lead, who becomes the scientists’ guinea pig
-Kee Da-hee as Ha Neul-Ae-Goo-reum. The main female character, who works as a detective.
-Seo Eun-sol as young Goo-reum.
-Kim Sung-oh as Lee Son. Former soldier, who is now working under Human Tech Laboratory, His job is to catch Ji Oh but always fails
-Kim Sang-ho as Choi Jin-hwan. Goo-reum’s boss on team 1 of the violent crimes unit.
-Ahn Nae-sang as Ryu Joong-kwon. Crazy researcher at Human Tech Laboratory
-Park Hyuk-Kwon as Kim Cheol-soo, the head of the National Intelligence Service
-Jik Kyung as Hwang Jung-ah, the founder of the evil Human Tech Laboratory who pretends to be a good person

Review Luca

Those who like action, mystery, suspense, crime, and science fiction films are suitable for watching the drama L.U.C.A: The Beginning. Because throughout the story the main character is being chased by the criminals.

His name is Ji Oh (z-0) the subject of biological experiment research, conducted by a group of scientists. Since childhood he has experienced cruel experiments, he was rushed by another scientist and his laboratory was burned. Ji Oh so hunts into adulthood. Life is not permanent, and every time it uses its powers it forgets the memory of who it is.

Ryu Joong-Kwon is the scientist who developed this experiment. Which carries based on Charles Darwin’s concept of human evolution. That every living organism is descended from a single ancestral population commonly called the Last Universal Common Ancestor (LUCA). He didn’t want humans to stop evolving, so he created a project so humans wouldn’t experience extinction. His place of work was against him, he was deemed insane and expelled from the foundation. He was even caught embezzling funds for research. He was imprisoned and then disappeared.

Ji Oh is a subject that Ryu Joong-Kwon has done successfully. That’s why he was hunted down, to take his LUCA cells and breed them. To live new subjects that can be used. This project is funded by state officials and protected by people who have great power in South Korea.

Ji Oh’s physique is like that of a human, only he has superpowers that can turn him into a monster. If so, he’s in danger of course. The hairs all over his body would stand on end if he met an evil stranger. His instincts could feel. He can issue a large electric force, extinguish, and even destroy many buildings at once. The power that Ji Oh uses when threatened, will make her keep forgetting who she is. When he found out who he was, in episode 6 of L.U.C.A: The Beginning he was tricked by Ryu Joong-Kwon. He endured excruciating pain. I can’t bear to see this scene. After all, he was electrocuted with high strength, high, and to the maximum extent, he was able to withstand. sob! Well, his name is also the main character in the story. Have to suffer, to get happy.

Ji Oh’s job changes, she becomes a garbage collector for a cosmetics company. If it was found out where he was, he has hunted again and moved. This is what happens continuously. Until he meets Goo-reum, a female detective who is chasing criminals and gets hit. Ji Oh helps save the dying Goo-reum with the power of her electric voltage. In the hospital, do you use a kind of shape that looks like an iron, right? If Ji Oh just use both hands.

Ji Oh’s help makes Goo-reum keep looking for who Ji Oh really is. Is it true that Ji Oh is a child who she thinks is her sister, who was brought home by her parents? And after Ji Oh stayed a day at his house, his parents died. All his life Goo-reum has been searching for the question of where his parents are. Still alive or dead. The key he’s been looking for has come to him, this is Ji Oh. Goo-reum still remembers, when Ji Oh got angry her eyes would turn blue, and give off a huge electric force.

Ji Oh and Goo-reum’s meeting leads them to find out where his missing parents are. Who is Ji Oh? Will they find out the truth? And how can this conspiracy of evil people behind the L.U.C.A: The Beginning project be caught? I’m still really curious about who Ji Oh is, where did she come from, how can she be used as an experiment. When Ryu Joong-Kwon said his father, I couldn’t believe it. That’s tough, I hope not. And several scenes state that Ji Oh’s father, who is also a scientist, took Ji Oh away because he wanted to sell him. I don’t know who’s right, let’s just watch Luca’s The Beginning Drakor to the end. Still, less than 6 episodes to finish.

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