“Moebius: The Veil”, tells the story of friends becoming foes

“Moebius: The Veil”, tells the story of friends becoming foes. This weekend, the drama The Veil, which just ended last week, will return with a second spin-off on Viu, Moebius Project 2012: The Veil.


The drama The Veil tells the journey of the secret agent of the National Intelligence Service (BIN), Han Ji Hyuk (Namgoong Min) who finds out about a traitor from within the BIN organization who causes him to have an accident and lose his memory.

Unlike the first spin-off, The Veil: A Day Break, which has appeared before, the prequel Moebius Project 2012: The Veil will highlight the female lead, Seo Soo Yeon (played by Park Ha Sun).

After an unexpected death in the middle of the storyline, fans are curious about the figure of Seo Soo Yeon who holds a myriad of mysteries.

Unlike the main story, which shows Seo Soo Yeon’s empty eyes and cold expression, her bright moments and bold side will be revealed through this spin-off.

Info Moebius The Veil

In addition, the reason why Seo Soo Yeon joined the NIS and how she changed, as well as her past will also be explained in more detail. Don’t miss the action tomorrow on Viu.

In the drama The Veil, Seo Soo Yeon has an important color for being a figure who is no less suspicious, besides BIN officials, in “silencing” Han Ji Hyuk.

One by one, the traitors showed their true form in front of Ji Hyuk.

What is the friend-turned-foe like in The Veil? Here are some of the moments.

Moebius The Veil

1. Seo Soo Yeon, the most suspicious old friend

Despite being Ji Hyuk’s old colleague and ex-girlfriend of one of his friends, Seo Soo Yeon (Park Ha Sun) is not among those who support the return of the reliable agent.

On the other hand, he always opposes Ji Hyuk’s opinion and interferes with the investigation of the cases of Ji Hyuk and Yoo Je Yi (Kim Ji Eun).

Seo Soo Yeon interrupts Ji Hyuk while interrogating Choi Sang Kyun (Ahn Ji Ho), the son of the former director of BIN’s Technology Department who becomes a hacker and has important information.

Soo Yeon also puts a bug on Ji Hyuk, so he can find out all the information about Sang Kyun.

However, the most visible moment of Soo Yeon’s betrayal is Sang Kyun’s confession that his father gave the name of the BIN person who received the phone call from Ji Hyuk’s informant, during the death of Ji Hyuk’s two colleagues in China and that person was Soo Yeon.

In episode 5, Soo Yeon also admitted that she did it all because someone told her to.

He could not refuse, because that person had done a great job for him.

However, before Soo Yeon could name the person, she was shot.

2. Untrustworthy bosses

It seems that the BIN organization is full of intrigue because everyone in it is unbelievable.

Even the bosses are very suspicious.

Starting from the deputy commissioners, namely Jin Sook and In Hwan who panicked, when they found out that the virus that entered BIN came from the laptop of Choi Il Lak, the former director of BIN who reportedly died by suicide.

The two commissioners immediately tried to prevent the stolen data from being spread.

In-Hwan says, he has prepared a scapegoat, in case any data is spread out.

In the next few episodes, the two deputy commissioners are increasingly showing signs of being suspicious.

Starting from Jin Sook who withholds evidence that shows that Ji Hyuk is innocent, to working with high-profile criminal Baek Mo Sa (Yu Oh Seong). In Hwan is also no less cunning.

He makes Jin Sook resign from his position and is replaced by Director Kang.

He was also the one who informed Je Yi that his father was sold by Jin Sook, causing the female agent to point a gun at his former boss.

Then, there is also Ji Hyuk’s direct supervisor, Director Kang Pil Ho who tries to stop Ji Hyuk’s efforts to investigate the case.

Pil Ho even orders Je Yi to help him catch Ji Hyuk when the agent is accused of shooting Soo Yeon

He teams up with In Hwan to take Jin Sook’s position at BIN and disband Ji Hyuk’s team.

He also tried to kill Ji Hyuk by crashing his car into Ji Hyuk.

3. Han Ji Hyuk and his partner betrayed each other

Even though he is the main character who is the victim of a fight between people in BIN, Ji Hyuk himself is no less suspicious.

In the video footage sent by the NIS Director of Technology, Ha Dong Kyun (Kim Do Hyun), it is seen that Ji Hyuk himself shot his colleague, Dong Wook.

This was done by Ji Hyuk because he saw Dong Wook shoot another colleague and his close friend, Oh Kyung Seok.

But, according to Jin Sook, it was he who ordered Dong Wook to kill Oh Kyung Seok, for being a defecting agent.

Jin Sook says that Kyung Seok is In Hwan’s subordinate who can kill Ji Hyuk.

Ji Hyuk also betrays Je Yi who has helped him a lot.

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Together with Jin Sook, he taps Je Yi’s cellphone to find out the movement of the female agent.

When Je Yi gets angry, Ji Hyuk even threatens, if Je Yi leaves him, then one day they will meet as enemies.

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