Lovestruck in the City: A Love Story of 6 People Packed in a Documentary Style

Lovestruck in the City: A Love Story of 6 People Packed in a Documentary Style. After co-starring in the drama Melting Me Softly and Backstreet Rookie in the last two years, Ji Chang Wook returned to appear with his latest drama entitled “Lovestruck in the City”. The drama, which first aired on December 22, 2020, finally ended on February 17, 2021, with 17 episodes. Not a few think this Korean drama is less interesting because the presentation is different from dramas in general. However, not infrequently also like it because it is considered unique and fresh. Well, to find out more about the drama “Lovestruck in the City”, let’s see through my review below!


Lovestruck is the City tells the story of three pairs of girls and boys who live in the city and share their love story in fronts of the camera like a concept documentary with Park Jae Won (Ji Chang Wook) and Lee Eun Oh / Yoon Sun Ah (Kim Ji Won) who become the main highlight.

Park Jae Won is an honest and passionate architect. When he went on vacation hoping to spend a month camping and surfing, he met Yoon Sun Ah. Starting from that meeting, the two made love until they decided to get married.

After a month of living together in the van, suddenly Park Jae Won has to return to his routine to continue his work. Without exchanging cell phone numbers or home addresses, the two promise to meet again at the third stepping stone by the river. Unfortunately, after weeks, even a year later, Yoon Sun Ah never showed up which made Park Jae Won frustrated.

Meanwhile, Yoon Sun Ah turns out to be Lee Eun Oh, a woman who lacks confidence and tries to find her true self. In front of the camera, he revealed that he met someone handsome and different, but without realizing it, he acted like someone else who was energetic, carefree, and full of love. When he returned to his routine in Seoul, he returned to the figure of Lee Eun Oh by burying deep his love for Park Jae Won.

Lovestruck in the City

Review Lovestruck in the City

Lovestruck in the City is a romantic mockumentary (television show depicting fictional events, but presented in a documentary) that is claimed to be a realistic depiction of young people pursuing romance and happiness while struggling to survive in a busy and competitive urban environment.

Starting from the first episode, viewers will be presented with a different view from dramas in general, because Lovestruck in the City is packaged as if it were a documentary drama by showing the players telling stories directly to the camera. The drama directed by Park Shin Woo also takes many points of view from the six players, thus providing a different experience.

But Lovestruck in the City has a refreshing way of storytelling. We as spectators are presented with two shows in one spectacle. One is a variety show, and the other is the real life of the variety show talent.

With a relatively short broadcast duration, only 30 minutes per episode, this drama can tell all the stories of the characters well and clearly. There are no plot holes. Even the turmoil of Lee Eun Oh’s character was conveyed very well.

Some friends who love drakor think Lovestruck in the City is too westernized.

“What are you doing, when you just met, you fell asleep together?”

Well, how about this, this drama is photographing the love story of urban people. Sleeping together with people you just met shouldn’t be a strange thing. In real life, there are many people like that.
If I didn’t mind that point, what caught my attention was the very realistic character development of the characters in this drama. Gradually, slowly but clearly.

The behavior and decisions taken by the characters have a clear motive. So not suddenly like this, suddenly like that. I do like it.

The choice to build a story with only six characters makes this drama more focused. The story of each character can be explored well. And we don’t have to worry about remembering the names of too many characters.

Lovestruck is the City stars actors with excellent acting skills. The chemistry between them is really good, very natural. To understand what was missing from Ji Chang Wook’s two previous dramas. It turns out the chemistry with this co-star.

Together with Kim Ji Won, Ji Chang Wook displays extraordinary chemistry. Anyway, oh well.

Ending Lovestruck in the City is also not long-winded. Clear and complete. This drama is lighthearted but quite heartwarming.

Episode 17, is a spin-off from the main story. Highlighting the love story of a handsome police officer who is often troubled by Jae Wo when looking for Seon Ah.

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