‘My Oppa is an Idol’ Drama Adapted, Airing 2022

‘My Oppa is an Idol’ Drama Adapted, Airing 2022. The increasing public interest in K-Drama makes the production team hunt for scripts that are considered interesting. This also affects the number of webtoon scripts with various interesting stories to be turned into a drama.

“Cheese in the Trap” is still attached to Korean drama lovers because it was adapted from the webtoon of the same title by Soon Ggi. This webcomic was first uploaded in 2010 until tvN finally decided to turn the webtoon into a drama version. The drama, starring Kim Go Eun, Park Hae Jin, Song Kang Joon, and Lee Sung Kyung, achieved great success.

Recently, it was reported that Studio N’s production house announced that it was officially adapting the webtoon “My Oppa is an Idol” into a Korean drama. The plan, this project is being discussed to become an original iQIYI drama.

Knowing this, fans of the webtoon began to discuss and speculate about the possibilities that would occur if this project was carried out. The names of drama stars that are currently on the rise such as ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo, 2PM’s Taecyeon, and many more.

Most webtoon fans want the cast to come from the original idol circle because the story is still about idol life. Interestingly, some fans expect Hwang In Yeop to be the star of the drama.

My Oppa

Storyline My Oppa

tells the story of Koo Yuni, a hard-line fan of Chan Lee who is an idol of the DNA group. The group has disbanded and Chan Lee decided to go solo while setting up a clothing store called Apello.

As a diehard fan, Yuni tries to apply at Applelo to be close to Chan Lee. Lucky because he was successfully accepted there. So happy, Yuni and her friends decided to celebrate it by drinking at a shop.

Well, that’s when Yuni met Hasa Park, the man who Yuni hit on the head because he thought he was badmouthing Chan Lee (even though he wasn’t rich).

The next day, on the first day of work, Yuni was very happy. As a new employee, he will be introduced to the director of Apello. But how unlucky Yuni was because it wasn’t Chan Lee who was there. The one sitting in the director’s chair is Hasa Park!

So basically this webtoon will discuss the relationship between Yuni, Hasa, and Chan Lee guys. Do you think Yuni is really in love with Chan Lee or is she just amazed?

Well, the answer will be answered if you read this webtoon to the end. Or if you are lazy, you can wait for the drama to air.

Meanwhile, the response of netizens when this webtoon would be made into a drama was very enthusiastic. Most netizens want Hasa Park to be played by 2PM’s Taecyeon.

Hmm. I’m not surprised. I also really want Taecyeon to play Hasa. Because from face to body stature, Hasa and Taecyeon look alike!

What do you think, do you want an artist to play this drama?

Production Staff

Later, this drama will be directed by Pyo Min Soo. For those of you who don’t know who this figure is, then Pyo Min Soo is a well-known director in South Korea who is famous for being ‘good at’ making romantic comedy-related dramas. Later, “My Oppa is an Idol” will reportedly be an original iQIYI drama.

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