Korean Drama Hellbound: Adapted from Webtoon Thriller

Korean Drama Hellbound: Adapted from Webtoon Thriller. After three years of not starring in dramas, Yoo Ah In will return to the small screen through the drama Hellbound. This Netflix original drama will be directed by Train To Busan director, Yeon Sang-Ho.

Drama adaptations of webtoons are increasingly appearing with various genres, one of which is Hellbound. The drama Hellbound is adapted from a thriller webtoon titled The Hell, by Yeon Sang-Ho and Choi Kyu Suk. The two comic artists will be in charge of adapting their webtoon into the drama Hellbound.

Besides being supported by acting from artists who often adorn the small screen, this drama will also be worked on by director Yeon Sang-Ho. One of Yeon Sang Hoo’s best films is Train to Busan.

Although Netflix has announced the main cast for Hellbound, the broadcast date for this drama has not been confirmed. Let’s look forward to it!

Well, those were five interesting facts from Hellbound. If you like thriller dramas wrapped in the supernatural, you might not want to miss this drama. Wait for further information, yes!

Synopsis Hellbound

Hellbound will tell the story of the appearance of supernatural beings such as the angel of death, who kills them and will send humans to heaven and hell. But the presence of this figure makes people’s lives chaotic.

In a chaotic situation, a new Saejinrihwe religion emerged which was led by Jung Jin Soo. He talked about the phenomenon when the angel of death from hell came and interpreted that the incident was the will of God.



Tells about the stories of people who heard the news of his death. Before his death, these people received news that he would die.

Until the day of his death arrives, the angel of death comes to take their lives. Depicted in the teaser, the angel of death is shaped like a large and scary black monster.

In addition, a man who is one of the new religious leaders of Saejinrihwe experiences supernatural events that haunt him. The emergence of this new religion made the chairman’s prediction about the angel of death come true.

Until he made a lot of followers in an instant. The chaos caused by the new religion and the angel of death made all parties curious about the story. The story is then trying to solve the mystery and the secret behind the truth of the religion is also revealed.

Drama actor

Not only Yoo Ah In, but this drama also hooked Park Jung Min, Kim Hyun Joo, and Won Jin Ah as the main characters. Yoo Ah In will return to acting after starring in Chicago Typewriter in 2017. The 1986-born actor was lined up as the main character and will play Jung Jin-Soo in the drama Hellbound. He is described as the head of the Saejinrihwe religion, who is known as a charismatic and mysterious person.

This drama is known to attract talented actors and actresses, such as Bae Young Jae, Kim Hyun Joo, and Won Jin Ah. The three artists will join Yoo Ah In as the main character.

Park Jung Min will play Bae Young Jae, a producer at a broadcasting company who will investigate Saejinrihwe’s new religion. Meanwhile, actress Kim Hyun Joo will play the character Min Hye Jin, a lawyer who will oppose Saejinrihwe’s religion. Not to forget, Won Jin Ah will play Song So Hyun, Bae Young Jae’s wife.

who would oppose the Saejinrihwe religion? Not to forget, Won Jin Ah will play Song So Hyun, Bae Young Jae’s wife.


Hellbound became the first Korean drama to be invited to the Toronto International Film Festival.

This fantasy thriller drama directed by the director of the film Train To Busan started its first screening at the festival on September 9, 2021.

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