Latest Information on Korean Drama Chimera 2021

Latest Information on Korean Drama Chimera 2021. Kimera creator Park Hae Soo, Claudia Kim, and Lee Hee Joon is a drama film.
Drama Chimney Chemistry Chemistry, since 1984, has not played the biggest role on the Chemical Coast for several years.

The drama that will air next October is getting more colorful with the presence of a mystery KDrama entitled Chimera. The more interesting, because this drama is played by popular actresses and actors.

Dramas that air on OCN have always been the attention of KDrama lovers. Because being able to present a story plot that is sometimes difficult to predict. Here are 5 facts about the Chimera drama that you can add to your October watch list. Take a peek at the latest Chimera drama facts that make you interested in watching.

1. Park Hae Soo plays a detective character

Park Hae Soo is one of the Korean actors who has played various characters. The popular drama he had played was Prison Playbook.

Last appearing in the drama Squid Game, Hae Soo managed to steal the attention of drama lovers thanks to his character and acting. Ready to make a comeback in October through the drama Chimera, Park Hae Soo will play a detective character named Cha Jae Hyun.

2. Actress Claudia Kim will play profiler

This sweet actress is an actor in the popular drama 7th Grade Civil Servant. Claudia Kim last starred in the drama Monster in 2016.

After a long time, Claudia Kim will return to play in the latest drama Chimera. Her character in the drama is interesting because Claudia Kim will play a profiler named Yoo Jin.


3. Lee Hee Joon is lined up to play the character of a doctor

The name Lee Hee Joon is getting more and more popular thanks to his character who reaps the spotlight as a detective in the popular drama Mouse. The drama features Lee Hee Joon’s character action scenes, which are cool, you know!

Lee Hee Joon will also play a role in OCN’s dark drama by playing a different character. Lee Hee Joon is lined up as a doctor named Lee Joong Yeob.

4. Originally scheduled to air in the second half of 2019

Drama Chimera has given news of its broadcast since 2019. The cast of Chimera has also been confirmed since April 2019.

After 3 years of waiting, this drama is finally scheduled to air in October 2021. Who has been waiting for it to air?

5. Show on OCN

CN is famous for its suspense-filled dramas. Finally, OCN aired the drama Dark Hole which aired in April this year 2021.

The return of OCN to broadcast this Korean drama has attracted the attention of drama lovers. Chimera is scheduled to premiere in October 2021 on OCN.

This Chimera drama seems to be presenting several mysteries that must be solved by the audience. It will be made to think hard, are you going to add Chimera to the drama watch list next October?

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