Recommended Korean Drama Revenge

Recommended Korean Drama Revenge. Since before its release, the Korean drama My Name has attracted a lot of viewers’ attention. Han So Hee’s character here is quite different from his previous projects, such as Yeo Da Kyung in the World of Married and Yoo Na Bi.

Called inspired by a true story, My Name tells the story of a young girl’s revenge. Yoon Ji Woo, played by Han So Hee, relentlessly hunts down those responsible for his father’s death, to work undercover in the police force.

If you like dramas with stories like this, come on, check out the dramas that you can enjoy after watching My Name below.

1. Taxi Driver (2021)

The life of a taxi driver, Kim Do Ki changes drastically after a heartbreaking tragedy befell his family. The Rainbow Taxi Company where he works turns out to be just a cover for an on-call revenge service.

Do Ki also carries out the task as one of the employees who are ready to carry out revenge executions, anytime and anywhere.

2. Itaewon Class (2020)

Park Sae Ro Yi teamed up to open a food restaurant business in Itaewon to beat Dae Hee’s company. He did this in an attempt to avenge his father’s death.

Investigate a calibration, Sae Ro Yi’s father died because of Jang Geun Won, Dae Hee’s son. Tense and exciting, this drama made it hard for the audience to move on!

3. Flower of Evil (2020)

Korean Drama Revenge

Detective Cha Ji Won has married Baek Hee Sung, a man who appears to be a committed husband and father. However, behind it all, Hee Sung hides a dark past and lives by using someone else’s identity.

One day, Ji Won begins to get suspicious about her husband’s identity and tries to find out the truth behind it.

4. Rugal (2020)

Adapted from a popular webtoon, Rugal is about Kang Ki Beom. He is an elite detective who lost his wife and child to being killed by a criminal organization called Argos.

One day, Ki Beom is chosen to join Rugal, an organization under the auspices of the NIS to destroy Argos. Ki Beom used this opportunity to take revenge on himself all this time.

5. Defendant (2017)

a prosecutor named Park Jung Woo was thrown into prison for being accused of murdering his wife and children. Due to memory loss, Jung Woo can only surrender when sentenced to death.

When his memory returns, he attempts to uncover the truth and avenge the person who ruined his life. It didn’t work, didn’t it?

6. Signal (2016)

A criminal profiler, Park Hae Young stumbles upon a mysterious walkie-talkie that allows him to communicate with the past. Connected by an unsolved case, he and a detective from the 1980s, Lee Jae Han team up to solve the case.

Many of the criminal cases in this drama are inspired by real cases handled by the Korean police in the past.

7. The Innocent Man (2012)

Kang Ma Roo is willing to cover up the mistakes of the woman he loves, Han Jae Hee until he is finally imprisoned. However, while Ma Roo was in prison, Jae Hee betrayed him and instead married another man who already had a daughter.

Hearing the bitter news, Ma Roo plans to take revenge on Jae Hee after he is released from prison.

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